IOP.Global Delegate Proposal

Hello Hydra (HYD) hodlers!
I am Tin (crypto nickname: arktoshi), from Vietnam – one of the countries with the most cryptocurrency investors in Asia, behind only China and Korea.

I’ve heard about IOP.Global project since Oct 2019. I love DPOS projects like ARK, Qredit and also IOP. I’ve read IOP AMA, I believe in IOP.Global future!

I’m an active delegate at ARK (echo delegate) and Qredit (arktoshi delegate), I know how DPOS works, I like to manage DPOS nodes. My nodes have very good uptime ~ 99,99%. I only use good servers and always monitor servers to ensure the highest uptime. Mainnet IOP node I’m running: 8 vCPU, 8GB RAM, 100 GB NVMe SSD, BW 10TB 1Gbps port.

– Rewards sharing: 60% 
– No vote capped at moment. But it may change in future to prevent small hodlers. I will announce if I change this.
– Payout: every 3 days using Goose TBW script.
– 35% for building and maintaining nodes. More nodes coming online once I have sufficient funds…
– 5% go to bounty wallet. I will use this fund to tip Twitter users through ArkTippr bot (Marc will support Hydra soon).

Thanks all for reading!

~ Delegate arktoshi – hMcAs9hZCtSGx5PrNi7giCXLgDzfzksno1 ~