Qredit Delegate Proposal (updated)

Hi, Qredit hodlers!
I am arktoshi, from Vietnam – one of the countries with the most cryptocurrency investors in Asia, behind only China and Korea.

I knew Qredit project since May 2019 and really like this project. I registered delegate and start forging from May 18, 2019. I feel very lucky because here I meet new friends who are very intelligent and friendly. I learned from them every day and we joined hands to contribute to the better Qredit project.

Delegate arktoshi last month has 100% uptime, no block missed! I always monitor the server to ensure the highest uptime. Thanks for the faithful voters who have always support me!

From the participating DPOS projects such as ARK, Persona, Blockpool, .., I realize that increasing the value of the token is more valuable than sharing high percentages. After some discussions with my current voters, I decide to change my proposal as follow, starting from July 2019:

– Rewards sharing: 60%
– Voters are capped at 1 Million (If someone with a bigger wallet votes, it will be counted as 1 Million).
– Payout: every 3 days (every 633 blocks forged).
– 30% for building and maintaining nodes (1 main/forger node + 3 backup/relay nodes).
– 10% go to bounty wallet. Example: Donate XQR to game competitions at Altilly, tip Twitter users through ArkTippr (I have very good results after a few days testing, more and more people know about Qredit).

Below are the relay nodes that I am running, you can contact me to verify. (Nodes IP aren’t listed here for security purpose)

  • Germany (DE), Europe
  • Vietnam (VN), Asia
  • United States (US), North America
  • More coming soon once I have sufficient funds…

Articles I contributed:

The reason why Qredit will success:

  1. Build on the open source code: ARK Core.
  2. Qredit team members are very friendly and enthusiastic, working hard to deliver the product. (Nayiem – CEO of this project took the time to help me when I had a bit of trouble on the Altilly exchange.)
  3. Very smart and friendly Delegate like CYJ, Lemii, Milan, ghostfaceuk, korben3, Qdel,….

Thanks all for reading!

~ Delegate arktoshi – QUFKLnmsJJUQ5UPSzxKZ8tMg5ZX7S7mHn3 ~